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The Rebel’s Agenda: Not Your Parents’ Planner

Many planners, agendas, business journals and notebooks available to business owners today are designed with a “one size fits all” mindset. They assume that all we really need is a calendar, a little space for a few notes, and if we’re lucky a page or two to log important contact information that we might need if our phone dies or gets lost. That’s it. Have you ever, in your life, only needed a ten line note section to keep track of your month? No? We haven’t, either.

What their lazy approach means for business-minded folk, is that we’re stuck lugging around multiple journals, notebooks, planners, and project managers in an attempt to keep track of the million tasks we need to complete each day. Then we need another notebook to log the dozens of goals we’d like to accomplish, and new ideas we’ve developed to make our businesses grow.

Will ten lines fit all that? Yeah, right.

How many times have you tested a new planner system, only to find that you were still packing up each morning with additional pads and notebooks to log meeting notes? How often have you found that your current calendar system isn’t efficient for logging projects, and have to add a second agenda just to monitor your current tasks? Of course, that says nothing for the additional space you wish you had for things like goal tracking, financial planning, and keeping your personal details in order.

You can say goodbye to that hassle! At Bizness Rebel we know better than anyone what it takes to organize a business. We designed our Rebel’s Agenda based on the needs of executives and entrepreneurs just like you. Our planners are designed to help you strategize and plan, get organized, and then get it done! We understand that you have more to keep track of than your appointments, and that you need more than a small “memo” area to keep your big plans, long term goals, and to do lists in line. By polling our own clients and testing variations on our design, we know our agendas are perfect for other Rebels out there like you! Keep kicking ass, taking names, and making your hard earned money.

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How Do You Know If You’re a Bizness Rebel?

  • Do you value organization, but want to do it on your own terms?
  • Do you need to stay on top of multiple deadlines?
  • Does it frustrate you when you have to choose between keeping a monthly OR weekly schedule?
  • Would you like to keep track of meeting notes, projects, your big goals, to do lists, and more in one, convenient location?

If any of those apply, it sounds like you’re our kind of person!

We’re committed to making sure you get shit done. We’ve found that the Rebel’s Agenda is the planner for business-minded people who want to keep the things they need most often in one place. These people have learned that greater convenience leads to higher efficiency, and they know that greater efficiency leads to higher success. To dominate not only your business, but your industry, you need to have the best tools at your disposal. That’s why the Rebel’s Agenda comes complete with business-oriented layouts, guides, and cheat sheets to give you an advantage. The agendas are standard A5 size, and are 192 pages – plenty of room for you to log everything you need. We have three colored ribbon bookmarks to help you keep track of your progress through each section, and each Rebel’s Agenda has a smart loop you can use to keep track of your keys, USB, ID badge, or whatever else you might need. We made sure to create agendas that open flat so you can see everything at a glance.

When it comes to organization and planning, the Rebel’s Agenda is the convenient tool for professionals who want to succeed. (And let’s be real, here. Would you be in business if you didn’t want to succeed?)

Rebels Agenda 281
Rebels Agenda 249
Rebels Agenda 263

The Facts

Business layouts and guides.

Filled with helpful layouts, business guides, tips & tricks, and cheat sheets. Scroll down and click for detailed layouts. >> See the layouts

Book cover that opens flat.

A5, 192 pages, opens flat. Grey cover with greenish tint. Soft touch hardcover that does not let your phone slide off. >> Check a video

Ribbon bookmarks. Smart loop.

Three colour bookmarks. A smart loop to hook up your corporate badge, keys or… a mascot. >> Take a look

Made in Europe

The Rebel’s Agenda is responsibly manufactured in Europe

A Great Success Story - Yours.

Rebel’s Agenda comes with our specialty soft touch cover so your cell phone and other devices won’t be tempted to slide off. 

Here Is What You Can Do With Your Rebel's Agenda:
  • Track Big Goals
  • Log Projects, 
  • Monitor Deadlines, and Look for Overlap
  • Plan Your Months
  • Plan Your Weeks
  • Take Meeting Notes
  • Make To-Do Lists and Free-Form Lists
  • Make Notes on Lined OR Unlined Paper

Don't Forget The Biz Tools That Are Included
  • The Small Business Tip Collection
  • Monthly Financial Tracking
  • New Idea and Brainstorming Grids
  • Business Model Canvas Templates to Help You Grow
  • Motivational Quotes to Keep You Going When the Going Gets Tough
  • and more!

Learn More About Biz Tools

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job. It’s a wild ride, full of ups and downs. We know that success takes work. To make your busy life a bit easier, we created a planner filled with guiding tools and layouts, so you can focus on the really important stuff.

Scroll through the layouts below or click the button for more details.

My search for the right agenda is finally over!

I am a planner addict ;-). When I wasn’t an entrepreneur yet, my Moleskine agenda was sufficient, but ever since I started my organization, I have been searching long and hard for the right fit. In the process I have tried about 6 agenda’s to no avail. Until I discovered Rebel’s agenda. In this no-nonsense agenda I can easily schedule my projects, meetings, have lot’s of notes I can make -just like I did in my old Moleskine) speaking engagements, plan my long term goals and easy divide them into steps. And the guide within the agenda makes it even easier.

Alianne, Stiens, Netherlands

Shana 3
Inspiring from start to finish!

I LOVE my Rebels Agenda! While I have a career in the corporate world my life outside of that is filled with so much inspiration combining these worlds are hard enough but the agenda allows me to really create a dual purpose! I LOVE being able to write down my goals for not only the month but for each week! It has actually inspired me to really create all the things I have ever dreamed! Taking each strategy week to week day by day and allowing a space to just jot down random thoughts ideas. I LOVE having my agenda completely open free from dates as we all know us creative types go from one month of everything to one month of nothing so I am not having to skip pages and waste the actual journal if I am not planning per se!

Shana, Las Vegas, NV, USA

The Rebel’s Agenda is different

I’m not (or rather, I wasn’t) a pen-to-paper kind of guy. I actually (used to) prefer technology – apps and such.

The Rebel’s Agenda is different, and it has changed my approach to goal setting and keeping important notes. In fact, it’s caused me to dig into the research surrounding the benefits of traditional handwriting – which, I’ve found, is quite quickly becoming a lost art and skill.

The compact, yet highly efficient design makes the planner readily available. There’s no annoying app, hardware, or other technology to worry about. The quality is the best I’ve seen and far surpasses what you’ll find in your local bookstore. The planner is organized in a way that works and is a great go-to tool when you desire to quiet the noise, bells and whistles with technology.

Be a rebel – try something traditional but different at the same time. You won’t be disappointed

I LOVE my Rebel’s Agenda.

The outside is this gorgeous, creamy faux-leather material that doesn’t make everything fall off my desk (unlike previous notebooks and planners), and the ribbons make it so that I can easily flip to the sections I need without utilizing a bunch of gaudy looking paperclips and standard bookmarks. The sheets inside have done wonders for my planning, as well. The fact that it gives me space to brainstorm plans for my business as well as sketch out my day to day means that it’s the only “gotta have” notebook in my briefcase, and it’s small enough to slip into a purse when meeting clients.

Harrisonburg, VA, USA

Melissa Cenker Rebel's Agenda

Getting your goals down on paper, both long and short term, has been proven time and time again to produce a better result than letting them float. The team at Rebels Agenda has put together a tool that not only makes it easy to do that all in one place, but also keeps your day-to-day organized as well. The quality hard cover and sleek classic design makes this planner fun and fitting to carry anywhere. Much more than your average day planner, this planner includes very helpful worksheets that facilitate creative brainstorming, productivity, and motivation.

Melissa CenkerBusiness owner/Speaker/CoachBucks County Earring Co.USA


I was fortunate enough to get a prototype of the Rebel’s Agenda and now I am hooked. I love its simple, traditional design. More importantly I like the way it combines the personal with the professional and the day- to- day with longer term goal-setting. I have tried many organizing strategies, including online calendars, but as a busy entrepreneur, this has proven to be the most effective at keeping me on track. The space for notes and to do lists at the back are a great bonus.

Christine McLean Independent media professional,Fredericton NB Canada

Kamil Ziegler v2

Rebel’s Agenda is a great tool to plan your business (or start a new one!) in the next 6 months. Calendar and meetings notes are very useful, and I really love the New Ideas, Dream Big and Big Goals sections. The planner helps me stay motivated and well organised and I recommend it to all Biz Rebels out there!

Kamil ZieglerFounderAppetiteforeducation

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