What is so rebellious in the Rebel's Agenda?

Bizness Rebels

We, Domi and Mike spent 10 years in the corporate world. We spent 10 years being told we didn’t “fit the mold”, and that we were Rebels. We had a mind for business, but didn’t like doing things the way everyone else did. Our goal-focused approach and “push forward” mentality meant we succeeded, but meant we were always looking for more.

We left those well-paying corporate jobs to found Bizness Rebels, because we wanted to chase our dreams. We wanted to help people dissatisfied with the corporate world transition to entrepreneurship as we did, and to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses because we know how hard it can be. We know from experience that to lead in the corporate world, you need to be a rebel. We know that it takes a lot to run your own business and to excel in the corporate world. Your unique drive is what will allow you to succeed, even when others don’t quite “get it.”

Our own take on being rebellious in business is what fuels our unstoppable attitude. We want to make Bizness Rebel the best resource it can be for executives and entrepreneurs, and we know we will. You likely have the same “get it done” attitude; that is what brought you to us. Thanks for visiting! Keep being badass, you Rebel, you.